• 16 Bar S.W.A.A.G Challenge

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    • 16 Bar Challenge

      The 16 BAR S.W.A.A.G. Challenge was inspired by Princess Lockerooo & created by David Jason Williams aka Undakova. A NYC born MC, songwriter, Undakova re-establishes the positive message of Hip-Hop culture: that all forms of authentic artistic expression can be empowering for communities and teach self-love. A facilitator at the BEAT NYC Music program at Lavelle School for the blind, David is an advocate of inspiring youth to express themselves creatively and positively through music.

  • Crochades and  B.E.A.T. Rockers

  • Beat Rockers is a beatboxing program for blind and visually impaired students at the Lavelle School for the Blind with Head Instructor Taylor McFerrin.

    Teaching beatboxing to the blind and visually impaired population of students has brought on an entirely new definition of music programs. Rather than teaching students how to use and manipulate instruments, the Beat Rockers program immediately empowers these students in that the students are the instruments.

    Music becomes an enabler, a facilitator; allowing and encouraging new forms of communication, socialization and self expression. In essence, music becomes language. A form of expression that continues to evolve with use and becomes an ability that is never forgotten. 

    10% of each purchase of Crochades goes to BEATNYC.org's Beatrockers program. For more information about B.E.A.T. and how you can get involved email info@beatnyc.org